We have worked with large, medium and small legal firms as clients within a variety of sectors within the industry.


Our experience means we are well positioned to provide strong strategic strategy on a wide range of business needs for a law firm to thrive. Ensalus Corporation provides a full services to professional firms resulting in improved performance and analysis of their operations.


Large Firms

We analyze the firms current strategy and work hand in hand with the proper team members to provide a boost to the department and provide custom built solutions to help fill any gaps between. Regardless of a firm’s current position, there has always been a place for our experience and strategy.


Niche and Local Firms

Our systems are quick to implement to local legal firms who specialize in one of two specific areas of practice. We also understand that niche legal areas mean high transaction value and not having a clear growth plan can inhibit a firms maximum potential. Developed intelligence and inbound marketing strategy we add a custom solution that will have the biggest effect for law firm’s growth.