Accept More Patients With A Better Way to Offer Patient Financing


Provide in-house financing without the hassles of loan management, billing, or debt collection.

Our system allows you to make treatment more affordable without having to discount your fees. You will expand your client base, increase client satisfaction and loyalty, and save valuable time, ultimately maximizing your profits. Once we understand your business and its needs, we will then match the platform and lender(s) that will produce the best results for you and your customers.

We work hand-in-hand to fine tune your offers for optimum results. While no financing solution will ever approve one hundred percent of applicants, our goal is to provide a solution for all those that are worthy of a second look. We provide you with a platform that will accommodate customers that have excellent credit and those that have sub-prime or even poor credit, but are now financially stable.

We offer a low-risk, high-reward approach to patient financing.