Fresh Thinking, Intelligent Strategy, Strong Partnerships

We think BIG, but start small. Building a solid foundation is what makes success a reality. With so many ways to market and grow your business, it’s crucial to create the most effective game plan and strategy for your company from day one. Ensalus Corporation advises companies of various size and budgets to gain access to superior technology and systems for their business. Want access to all the initiatives you envision your business having, but can’t because you don’t have the expertise, resources, or budget? This is where Ensalus comes in and makes a difference for your business.

Ensalus Dynamic Approach


At Ensalus Corporation, our innovative process allows us to consult with companies and discover together the best solutions for their business. When we see an opportunity to shift a business ahead of their competition or gain advantage in a marketplace we develop a strategic plan and accelerate that plan forward with the business. We are a full service advisory firm who can help with expansion, marketing consulting, business financing, consumer financing and merchant solutions to small and medium size businesses. We offer our clients a simple, transparent process to enhance a company from within and make game changing decisions that ultimately lead businesses forward and provide the ability to become the authority in their industry.

Creating Meaningful Products, Services, and Experiences

 Ensalus Corporation was built to enhance companies and brands. Through filling voids within an industry and utilizing our services to businesses who are in need a refreshed strategy.

Digital Component of Business


Creating new products or maximizing the potential of an existing business presents certain challenges in today’s new digital landscape. The digital world has the power to shift the components of a business growth potential through innovation, disruption and customer expectations. We have navigated the digital waters and created custom solutions to help companies accelerate change and achieve digital business advantage.

Consumer Products Consulting


Utilizing our experience in the industry with a broad spectrum of products distributed worldwide we also offer consumer product consulting services to assist companies who want to create strong consumer brands that will deliver lasting growth with significant returns.

Your Products With A Fresh Perspective 

There are hundreds of quality consumer products stuck in labs or fulfillment centers because they lack the proper strategy for their brand. We have consulted with various companies to enhance their strategic and business performance while improving shareholder value. Combining knowledge with rigorous analysis provides the insights necessary to make confident, statistical decisions through uncertain markets.